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CKA/ACK 2014-2017 Strategic Plan

After a lengthy consultative process that involved practitioners, industry, government, professional and regulatory bodies and others from coast-to-coast-to-coast the Canadian Kinesiology, CKA established a three-year strategic plan from 2014-2017 that focuses on:

  • Developing and growing a sustainable business model grounded in leading practice;

  • Increasing public awareness about kinesiologists' and their expert and professional contributions to preventing injury and chronic disease; managing injury, pain, and chronic disease; and improving performance in work, life, and sport; and,

  • Developing processes to measure the effectiveness of kinesiology education, marketing, and advocacy across Canada.

To learn more please read the CKA/ACK 2014-2017 Strategic Plan

PDF icon CKA Strategic Plan- 2013-2017.pdf

The development of the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan would not have been possible without the leadership of Dr. Steve Fischer, PhD, RKin and his dedicated group of leadership volunteers who comprised the Strategic Plan to Advance the Reach of Kinesiology (SPARK) Task Force.

As the end of 2017 is fast approaching, CKA has begun work on establishing the following plan: #KinVision2020 Strategic Plan


#KinVision2020 Strategic Plan

The CKA/ACK is very pleased to inform you that it has decided to develop a bold, inspiring and achievable strategic plan # KinVision2020. To achieve this goal, CKA/ACK has mandated LBB Strategies, an independent national strategic planning consultancy firm, to assist the CKA/ACK in developing its strategic plan. LBB Strategies has worked with provincial, national and international organizations in similar strategic reviews and plans.

The strategic planning process includes a series of consultative activities comprising of interviews, focus groups and online surveys with CKA/ACK members and stakeholders. This consultative review phase started in February 2017 followed by a strategic planning retreat in June 2017 and a final adoption of the plan in September 2017. Inputs and participation of all in this strategic planning initiative has been very important to Kinesiology in Canada, kinesiologists and the CKA/ACK. Stay tuned for more information.


Let’s develop our best future together!

The #KinVision2020 Strategic Plan is to be revealed in September 2017.