A representative and voluntary Board of Directors governs the work and progress of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance.

Through the Governance and Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance continues to seek representative, exceptional individuals dedicated to advancing the professions of kinesiology on the national stage.

The current Board of Directors for the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is composed of:


Board Chair - President

Mrs. Marie-Claude Leblanc, HBSc (Kin)

Outremont, Quebec


Mr. Matias Golob, RKin, PhD

Toronto, Ontario


Vice - President 

Ms. Hardip (Happy) Jhaj, BCAK

Secretary Treasurer

Ms. Minda Chittenden, BC




Mr. Jake Watson , AKA

Mrs. Kendra Cooling, NBKA

Mrs. Marki Wong, KANS

Mrs. Kathie Sharkey, OKA

Mr. Serge Bourdeau, FKQ

Mr. Des Martin, NLKA 

Ms. Kathlyn Mary Hossack, MKA

Mrs. Murielle Grandeon, QC

Mrs. Angelie Carter, PEI


Executive Director (Non-voting)

France A. Martin, M.B.A., BScKin