On this page, you will find all the information you need as a practitioner. For example: what kind of insurance do I need? What are Provincial Kinesiology Associations and how are they relevant to me? If there is none in my province, what can I do? How can I advance my career as a Kin? And many more! 


How is the Kin profession advancing? 

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is committed to supporting the advancement of kinesiology by supporting the on-going professional development efforts of Kinesiologists

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How are Kins insured professionally?

Maintaining professional insurance provides peace-of-mind whether it be for your home, car, or for your professional work.

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What are PKAs Provincial Kinesiology Associations?

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has and continues to work with a broad group of stakeholders that include industry, government and not-for-profit/professional association groups.

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How to become an affiliated Kin?

Depending on the province in which you practice as a Kinesiologist, you may join the CKA in the following process:

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What Resources & Material are available to Kins?

In preparation for annual national events where CKA invites Kins to participate and to get involved in their province and community to increase awareness of the profession, CKA provides promotional resources, material and tools to Kins.

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Provincial Kinesiology Associations