How to bridge from academics to practice?


The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA / ACK) wants to help students of Kinesiology and Physical Activity as you are to enter the work force or to continue studies in specialties. That’s why #KinStartUpKit is a great tool for undergraduates and graduates to get started as Kinesiologists. CKA  / ACK invites you to take the time to better understand how Kinesiology is practiced in Canada and thus help you achieve your career goals.

Visit to find: (Launch scheduled for march 22nd 2018)

  1. Who’s who

    • Your Professional Associations of Kinesiology
    • Differences between CSEP, CATA, CKA, PKAs
    • Professional Orders
  2. Structure of the profession

    • Legislation and governance
    • NOC and scope of practice
    • Your obligations:
      • Mandatory Membership
      • Mandatory Insurance
      • Continuing Education
      • Code of Ethics
  3. Work or Postgraduate Program?

    • Titles on the market
    • Field, Industries and Services offered
    • Job Opportunities
    • Income Stats
    • Should you enter in a Postgraduate program or begin practicing/work?
    • Research Grant Program
  1. Resources, Tools and Material

    • Forms and examples of letters easy to adapt to your practice
    • Promotional Event Material
  2. Self-employed or Start a business?

    • Start-up Programs
    • Grants or other financing tools
    • Business Plan Structure
    • List of Consultants
    • Legal Status and registration
    • How can I get more clients?
  3. Kin Knowledge / Science of Kinesiology

    • Articles, abstracts & Research Papers
    • Videos