How Kinesiologists help people with chronic disease and illnesse? An aid for Kins

Kathie Sharkey, CKA Administrator

Have you had to explain to your client... How you can help in managing a chronic disease?  Do they want to live at your optimal health capacity?  Here is an approach.
When living with a chronic disease, the management of your health will allow you to live optimally with an improved quality of life.  Currently, your Doctor may be helping you manage your disease by prescribing medications and sending you for diagnostic tests, but did you know that you can play an active role in managing your disease?
Exercise and physical activity is unequivocally recognized as one of the most effective means to both prevent and manage chronic disease.  Chronic disease can largely be preventable.

A properly structured and supported exercise program, designed and delivered by a Kinesiologist, can among other benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease by 40%;[1]
  • Reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 50% and be twice as effective as standard insulin in treating the condition.[2]
  • Help the function of muscles for people affected by Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Can decrease depression as effectively as pharmacological or behavioural therapy;[3]
  • Reduce the risk of stroke by 27%
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer by 60%;[4]
  • Reduce mortality and risk of recurrent cancer by 50%;[5]
  • Reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease by almost 40% compared to those who are less active.[6]

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Many people struggle with finding the correct information and guidance on how to manage their disease.  Kinesiologists stay up to date on the most current and innovative research.  We call this evidence based practice.  

Kinesiologists provide the most benefit to our patients because we understand the relationship between exercise, physical functioning and chronic disease management.  We develop targeted exercise programs suitable for your needs and all the knowledge shared with you is based on evidence based practice!
Dr. Ian Blumer  said it best  - “If all the ways that exercise helped you were replicated in a drug, it would be considered a miracle drug.”

Kinesiologists are experts in exercise, human movement and performance and understand the safety requirements and physical issues that you are dealing with.