2016 NATIONAL KINESIOLOGY WEEK - November 14th to 20th.

Kinesiologists urge Canadians to get support to ensure they meet the minimum weekly recommended level of physical activity. (Excerpt from attached Press Release)

OTTAWA, November 11, 2016 - Even though the number of messages urging people to be more active has increased over the years, a survey recently showed that 54% of Canadians report practising no physical activity whatsoever or practising less than 90 minutes a week...As part of the National Kinesiology Week taking place from November 14 to 20, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) wants to remind Canadians that help is available to those struggling to achieve the minimum level of recommended physical activity...Various activities will be offered across the country during KinWeek to promote the importance for Canadians to get help for an active lifestyle. Find a Kin or events near you, visit www.CKA.ca or call 844-kinesio (546-3746).


·         Active people are fewer in proportion to suffer from a chronic disease (44% versus 60%).

·         Men are more likely than women to be very active (34% versus 23%).

·         People with university degrees are more likely in proportion to do frequent (4-7 times a week) physical activities (50% versus 40% for people with a high school diploma or less).

·         Having children has no influence on the frequency of physical activity.

·         It is in British Columbia that people are active the most frequently (57% practice a form of physical activity 4 to 7 times a week) and it is in Quebec that they are the least likely to practise physical activity on such a frequent basis (39%).

·         Even though a quarter (25%) of Canadians have worked with a kinesiologist or are currently doing so, more than a third of the population has never heard of that profession.