Joining the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance-Alliance canadienne de kinesiologie

Download the Affiliation Applicaton Form (below)

Joining CKA – AFFILIATION BENEFITS – for kinesiologists

Kinesiology is a young profession, yet maturing quickly. The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance works to bring increased recognition and awareness of kinesiology and the sciences of human movement, to advocate on behalf of our partners and stakeholders, and to support common standards and professionalism. Nationally the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance is the strong and united voice of kinesiologists. When joining CKA, kinesiologist benefit from:

·         Access to opportunities to networking and social capital;

·         Access to promotional event material such as the National KinWeek held annually in November and the National Health and Fitness Day held annually in June;

·         Access to preferred rates from partners such as for industry leading professional insurance products (including errors and omissions and commercial general liability), continued education opportunities (online seminars and printed resources) or home and auto insurance. The following partners are ready to help you: 

Prolink: professional insurance / assurance professionnelle.

Human Kinetics: on-going professional development  / perfectionnement professionnel continu

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex: home & auto ins./ ass. maison & voiture

HexFit: complete interdiciplinary customer tracking solution - software

Provincial Kinesiology Association (PKA) may provide services

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has and continues to work with a broad group of stakeholders that include industry, government and not-for-profit/professional association groups. Given CKA’s mandate is national in scope, over the years the CKA has built mutually-beneficial and cooperative relationships with provincial associations and groups.

Either you are from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland & Labrador, join your Provincial Kinesiology Association (PKA), members of CKA directly and you will automatically become a CKA Affiliated Kinesiologiest with your mandatory purchase of professional insurance. In other jurisdictions you may join the CKA directly. Contact CKA for more information:, 844-KINESIO.